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G R Bunning & Co are a local fishmongers in the heart of Norfolk.  Known locally as ‘Bunning’s Fish’, we are a family business selling fresh local fish and shellfish, along with some of the finest sourced fish from around the world.  Come and visit us at our family-run fishmongers, or at one of the local markets, and enjoy our fresh fish, and our smoked fish which we smoke ourselves.

G R Bunning - Norfolk Fishmonger

Norfolk bronze turkeys and proper chickens, orders being taken now!

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"Enjoyed these for breakfast, bought from Roys, Sudbury.

Ate them with a naan bread, spread with strawberry jam!!!

(No, I am not pregnant).

Heated in the microwave, 750w for 3 minutes, by 2 minutes, things got a bit lively!

Will try heating under the grill next time.


Great product, great value, will become a regular item in my house.


Kind regards James"

A Review of our boned kippers