G R Bunning & Co are a local fishmongers in the heart of Norfolk.  Known locally as ‘Bunning’s Fish’, we are a family business selling fresh local fish and shellfish, along with some of the finest sourced fish from around the world.  Come and visit us at our family-run fishmongers, or at one of the local markets, and enjoy our fresh fish, and our smoked fish which we smoke ourselves.

G R Bunning - Norfolk Fishmonger

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Customer Feedback

Dear George and Richard


I thought you might be interested in my jottings from one who, with Christine, appreciates your good things!


"I have been buying fish and game in Swaffham market for a good few years.


One Saturday in March I bought a Good Sized Turbot, a Large Crab and a Fat Mallard and this is how I cooked them.


Saturday Evening. Reserved the large claws but cut up all the crab meat, and mixed it with lemon juice, parsley and a few capers and served with pink fir apple potatoes.


Sunday Morning.  Boiled up the left over crab, but not the claws, and the turbot bones with celery and a leek, some white wine and a few anchovies. Soup for lunch with French bread.


Sunday Evening. Froze half the turbot and cooked two good sized fillets with white wine, butter, lemon juice and a little olive oil. Serve with white sprouting broccoli.


Monday Lunch. Finish the Soup which has improved overnight.  Add a few bits of celery.


Monday Evening.  Remove the crab meat from the claws.  Heat gently with butter, lemon juice, and small slices of courgette.  Add in beaten egg yoke to thicken the sauce. Serve with fresh tagliatelle.


Tuesday Evening.  Slice some carrots, leeks, parsnips, onion and tomatoes.  Cook gently for 45 minutes with butter, water and wine.  Meanwhile, prepare mallard with butter and salt. Put on top of vegetables and cook on a brisk heat for 45 minutes. Serve with the vegetables and the sauce they have been cooked in and some new potatoes.


Wednesday Morning.  Boil up the remnants of the mallard and the vegetables to make a good stock. Leave to cool and skim off the fat.


Wednesday Evening. Soften some celery and red and green peppers with butter. Meanwhile, gently soften an onion in a frying pan with butter, add Risotto rice and gradually the hot mallard stock. Serve with the small vegetables when the rice is just soft.


Thursday Lunch. Put all the leftovers together and make a good soup".


And a good time was had by all! And still some turbot in the freezer.