G R Bunning & Co are a local fishmongers in the heart of Norfolk.  Known locally as ‘Bunning’s Fish’, we are a family business selling fresh local fish and shellfish, along with some of the finest sourced fish from around the world.  Come and visit us at our family-run fishmongers, or at one of the local markets, and enjoy our fresh fish, and our smoked fish which we smoke ourselves.


100g sliced smoked salmon – £2.50

1 kilo scallops – £15.00

500g luxury prawns – £7.50

Oysters – £80.00

Cooked crevettes 500g – £7.50

Raw peeled tiger prawns – £11.00 kilo

Opening Hours For Winter

Monday to Thursday: 9/5.15
Friday: 9/6
Saturday: 9/4

Visit our shop at:

Jubilee Hall Farm
IP25 7SH

Home delivery service available to all of Norfolk, parts of Suffolk and East Cambridgeshire


Free Home Delivery Available – Minimum order of £50.00

900g Cod Fillets



900g Haddock fillets



900g Plaice fillets



900g Lemon Sole Fillets



900g Skate Wings



900g Huss



3 kilo Cod Fillets



3 kilo Plaice Fillets



3 kilo Skate wings



3 Kilo Haddock Fillets



900g Fish Pie Mix, skinless, boneless, salmon, prawns, hake, haddock, and smoked haddock

£6.00, loosely packed.


454g whitebait



1kilo Red Mullet Fillets



Bass fillets

£10.00 kilo


Tuna Supremes

£12.50 kilo


Swordfish steaks

£12.50 kilo



Shellfish Selection


500g cockles



500g shell on prawns



500g whelks



500g Luxury Peeled Prawns



Cromer crabs

£4.00 each


2 kilo raw head on tiger prawns



1 kilo scallops



900g Raw Peeled tiger Prawns



2 kilo wild Red Head on Prawns



Rollmops with dill or sweet

£3.00 pot


Mussels in shell

£4.00 kilo


Crevettes cooked

£17.50 kilo


Halibut Steaks

£15.00 kilo


900g Wild trout Fillets



10 salmon Fillets

£20.00 Boneless.


Smoked Fish Produced Ourselves @Cranworth


2 smoked mackerel fillets



Boil in the bag smoked haddock portions with butter.

£1.00 per pack


3 kilo natural smoked cod



100g Sliced Smoked Salmon



1 kilo Sliced Smoked Salmon



300g Smoked Salmon Trimmings



500g Smoked sliced Salmon



100g Beetroot Smoked salmon



Kippers on the Bone

£1.50 each


Kipper fillets 2 per pack



Boil in the bag Kippers with butter

12 for £10.00


3 kilo Natural Smoked Haddocks



Smoked Duck Breasts

£5.00 each


Smoked Prawns

£10.00 kilo


1 kilo Gravel Ax


Ready Meals


Cod & prawn fish pies

£3.00 each,1 per person


Salmon and croute in puff pastry

£3.00 each


Lobster and croute in puff pastry

£3.50 each

Fish Cakes, simply cook from frozen


Haddock and Mozzarella

90p each


Cod Bacon brie



Salmon lemon Dill



Haddock and Spinach

£1.50 each


Salmon Broccoli Dill

£1.50 each


Cod &Parsley

60p each

Oven crisp Range simply cook from frozen.


900g Cod Fillets



900g Haddock fillets



900g Lemon sole fillets



900g Plaice Fillets



500g Lemon sole goujons



500g Plaice goujons



500g Cod goujons



100% WHOLETAIL SCAMPI , just bake in the oven, pure quality.

£11.00 per kilo

Payment methods are cash or Cheque on delivery or bacs payment on mobile phone while driver waits.

Order via email to: grbunning@gmail.com or
tel. 01362 820702